Career Coach

You Might Need a Career Coach If... … You are struggling to get noticed in today’s job market. … You are going through a career change or transition. … You are dealing with personal or family issues that are impacting your job search. … You need career marketing and job search management assistance. … You need help with the interview or salary negotiation process. … You just don’t understand the job search process anymore. The modern job search has changed significantly and so have the tools [...]

Career Change

Make a Career Change in 7 Easy Steps Humans are creatures of habit, but when it comes to our careers, repetition of “the daily grind” can leave us feeling uninspired and stagnant. Throughout our lifetimes, we continuously grow and evolve, acquiring various skills or honing natural talents. You might find that, as you expand and better yourself, you need to also seek other career paths that will allow you to prosper. Whether you are looking to transfer to a different [...]

Erich D. – USN CAPT/RET – Ithaca, New York

Jeannine is a phenomenal coach and valuable member of the team! I enjoyed working with Dr. Bennett for several years and multiple assignments launching new business ventures in the Indo-Asian-Pacific theater, working complex issues, and solving dynamic and challenging problems on a global operational scale. A brilliant communicator, she brings diverse experience, uncompromising integrity and verve to any organization. Undoubtedly a person I sought out in my transition for her wisdom, clarity and consultation. Thank you Jeannine for your [...]

Stop Procrastinating

5 Easy Tips for Curbing Procrastination Are you dreaming about owning your own business? Maybe you want to find a more rewarding job for the New Year? Or are you thinking 2019 will be the year you finally write that novel you’ve been plotting in your mind? Procrastination is an insidious energy drain that will keep you from completing the goals you set for yourself. Thinking “I have plenty of time. No need to start now” or “I don’t know [...]

Time Management

5 Simple Steps to Better Time Management Skills Time, as the cliché goes, is money. Whether you are working for an established company, are an entrepreneur, or are a job seeker, learning to manage your time and limit distractions is key to achieving your goals and attaining success. Getting bogged down by unimportant emails or turning your attention to a Smartphone screen will eat up your time and hinder your productivity. Here are five steps to recognizing problem areas and [...]

Peggie M. – Business Strategist – Virginia Beach, VA

I found Jeannine through LinkedIn ProFinder as I was searching for someone to help me revamp my resume. Jeannine's work is top notch... I found working with Jeannine to be really productive. Jeannine is really a 'Career Strategist' as she provides ideas, knowledge and is thorough in everything she does. If you are searching for a resume writer, a career coach or a LinkedIn specialist, I highly recommend Jeannine. She is truly a pleasure to work with and will [...]

Glenn S. – CPM – Newport News, VA

I like great customer service, coupled with professionalism and know-how. This is what Jeannine Bennett is all about! I have a new résumé, cover letter, and was also given great advice on how to enhance my LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend Jeannine to those that could need her help and assistance. To Jeannine, a big heartfelt thank you for helping me!

Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost -- It Might Be Time To Hire a Professional Each decision you make -- be it in your professional or personal life -- comes with a certain cost. The price you pay, so to speak, may be inconsequential or life-altering depending on the scenario. Take, for instance, a simple decision you make every day: the choice between two lunch options. Let’s say the menu includes only a protein power bowl and a hamburger combo meal. You choose the [...]