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Job seekers, do you know “What Companies Want” when it comes to finding the perfect candidate for a position?

Companies typically seek certain qualities and qualifications from job seekers. They want candidates who possess relevant skills and expertise that align with the job requirements. Additionally, companies value candidates who demonstrate a strong work ethic, adaptability, and a willingness to learn and grow. They also look for individuals who can effectively communicate and collaborate with others, as teamwork and interpersonal skills are highly valued in the workplace. Finally, companies often prioritize candidates who show passion, motivation, and a genuine interest in the industry or company, as these traits indicate long-term commitment and engagement.

You are going to love the advice our experts give to help you stand out against the competition.

In Episode 14 of “Your Story Within Podcast,” as part of April’s Ask an Expert series, two experts joined us. Jessica Visek is a certified resume writer and owns a company called Your Resume Partner. Brenda Neckvatel is an award-winning human resources expert and owns a company called Best Practices.

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what companies want

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