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Breathe Life into Your Resume

Are you struggling to get selected, get hired and get paid? Then it’s time to breathe new life into your resume by learning the proven resume writing formula that will get you noticed! In today’s modern job market you have 6 seconds to sell yourself to a potential employer. You must also make it through applicant tracking systems to reach them. It is tough to create a resume that is both visually appealing and content-rich yet formatted to get through a system to be read by a human. Unfortunately, most people struggle to create a resume that meets all the requirements and stands out from the competition.

In this book, you will learn how to:

• Get your resume through both system and human reviews
• Use powerful statements to demonstrate your worth
• Determine what to include in your resume, and what not to include
• Explain gaps or diverse roles like a pro
• Avoid common and not so common mistakes that could sabotage your resume
• Use the right universal fonts, colors, and white space to get you noticed

Breathe Life into Your Resume

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Broken to Beautiful

What do you do when life is unfair, all hope is lost and God seems absent?

Life does not always turn out the way we hope. It is often unfair, filled with hurt and rocked by disappointment. Even as Christians we find ourselves wondering if God is really there.

Jeannine Bennett is no exception; she understands all too well the struggles of life that hit so hard they take your breath away and leave you broken. But she’s also discovered that our greatest trials in life are always used by God for good, nothing we experience is ever wasted. In Broken to Beautiful, Jeannine invites us into her journey of how God captured her heart. With vulnerability, tenacity and humor, she helps us to recognize that brokenness is not the end of our story. God has a plan for each of us and it is beautiful. No matter how great your struggle, your loss, or your disappointment, God is still in control and his promises are real. She helps us understand that it’s not just our story its God’s story too.

Shine: How Great Leaders Think Differently

This book is for anyone who wants to think like a leader, a GREAT leader.

Are you ready to be the leader you were meant to be? In Shine: How Great Leaders Think Differently, Dr. Jeannine Bennett helps you see leadership in a new light. She reveals leadership habits that are unhealthy and unnecessary for you to be successful. Those popular habits are damaging and can lead to debt, stress and worry.

Jeannine shows you that by thinking differently not only will you become the GREAT leader you are destined to be, but you will be more passionate about what you are doing, have more people following you than ever before, and even find the work-life balance you have been seeking for years.

If you are tired of feeling like you are missing your leadership calling and are ready to put your energy into leading the way you were meant to lead, Shine: How Great Leaders Think Differently will show you how.

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