About Us

Vision to Purpose is an organization of professionals possessing over 30 years of experience in business, education, government, law, media, and other industries. We’ve worked with students in a university career services setting, provided management consulting for numerous clients (including NASA), and served as executive leadership advisors, just to mention a few roles we’ve filled.

Unlike our competition, we do not take a cookie-cutter approach when working with our clients. Our experience gives us the insight needed to uniquely tailor our services, ensuring our clients get exactly what they need.

We start our approach by getting to know you and what you envision for your future. Do you have a vision for your future? Are you leading the life you want to live?

If you are seeking a career coach, a life coach, a professional resume writer, or a business consultant, then you have come to the right place. Vision to Purpose is committed to helping you succeed!

Vision to Purpose is a Christian organization formed by Dr. Jeannine Bennett. It is a limited liability corporation (LLC) physically located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In addition to the physical location, Vision to Purpose has a significant online presence enabling us to reach clients all over the country.

To learn more about Dr. Jeannine Bennett and her team, check out their information below.

Meet the Team

Our Commitment

“Committed to Providing You with the Quality Service You Deserve!”

Dr. Jeannine Bennett- Founder and CEO

Our History

  • 2019 Dr. Bennett Writes a New Book – Breathe Life into Your Resume
  • 2019 Dr. Bennett Writes a New Book – Broken to Beautiful: Brokenness is not the end of your story
  • 2018 – Dr. Bennett becomes an Executive Coach for The Honor Foundation
  • 2018 – Dr. Bennett Drafts a New Book – Shine: How Great Leaders Think Differently (In Progress)
  • 2017 – Dr. Jeannine Bennett receives coveted award from the U.S. Navy
  • 2017 – Vision to Purpose Gets a New Online Presence
  • 2016 – Vision to Purpose Continues to Receive Praise from Clients
  • 2015 – Vision to Purpose Offers New Services
  • 2013 – Vision to Purpose, LLC Created