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Vision to Purpose is an organization of professionals possessing more than 30 years of combined experience in business, education, government, law, media and many other industries. Our experience gives us the insight needed to tailor our services to each unique situation. Unlike our competition, we do not take a cookie cutter approach when working with clients. We are solution oriented working closely with our clients to ensure we understand their needs. We know the door to endless possibilities starts with a VISION.

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Our Commitment

If you struggle with turning your vision into a reality, please contact us, we can help!  Perhaps you are a small business owner trying to get your company to the next level. No matter the situation, Vision to Purpose is committed to helping you succeed!

Services We Provide


Career Coaching

A career coach knows how to navigate the new career landscape. Rather than spending your time trying to figure out how to secure the job of your dreams or how to make a career change, let us help you. At Vision to Purpose our coaches are educated, experienced, and connected. More importantly, our career coaches are dedicated to helping people realize their career aspirations.Learn More »

Life Coaching

At Vision to Purpose, we assist our clients with the process of establishing and achieving personal and professional goals. Our life coaching approach focuses on building upon YOUR strengths. We offer many options to help you live the life you were meant to live.Learn More »

Resume Writing

Have a resume you would like critiqued? Need a resume created? Check out our resume writing services to learn of our different offerings.Learn More »

Business Consulting

Vision to Purpose offers various consulting services geared toward helping organizations reach the next level. Need a strategic plan? How about a strategic communication plan? Maybe customized training? Possibly project management? Whatever your need we can probably help. Find out more now and let us know how we can help you!Learn More »

Individualized Support Offered

For the past 15 years Jeannine has taught more than 9,500 students on a variety of topics. She has worked with amazing students which have included: CEOs, VPs, Olympians, High Endurance Athletes, Special Forces Operators, and others just like you and me. Like her students, Jeannine has helped her clients find jobs in various industries: Tech, Finance, Health, Education, Government and more! She wants to do the same for you!

Examples of Careers Launched:

Department of the Army
Department of the Marines
Department of the Navy
Department of the Air Force
United Coast Guard
Liberty University
Old Dominion University

Are you ready to find your next job?

An average job search can take up to six months or longer. But it doesn't have to be that way for you! We can help!


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Broken to Beautiful

What do you do when life is unfair, all hope is lost and God seems absent?

Life does not always turn out the way we hope. It is often unfair, filled with hurt and rocked by disappointment. Even as Christians we find ourselves wondering if God is really there.

Jeannine Bennett is no exception; she understands all too well the struggles of life that hit so hard they take your breath away and leave you broken. But she’s also discovered that our greatest trials in life are always used by God for good, nothing we experience is ever wasted. In Broken to Beautiful, Jeannine invites us into her journey of how God captured her heart. With vulnerability, tenacity and humor, she helps us to recognize that brokenness is not the end of our story. God has a plan for each of us and it is beautiful. No matter how great your struggle, your loss, or your disappointment, God is still in control and his promises are real. She helps us understand that it’s not just our story its God’s story too.

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