Body Language

Over the years, I have enjoyed studying people and how body language is used to convey a non-verbal message. In my profession, a critical component of the job is the ability to read people, and make no mistake, a lot is communicated through people’s expressions or gestures. As Peter Drucker said, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what is not said.” Funny thing is, we are all experts in using body language we just aren’t great at reading [...]


Military Transition

By Captain Laura Hatcher, USN (Retired) Recently, as I briskly walked up the sidewalk towards the Metro entrance, I came shoulder to shoulder with a woman and without hesitation, I made eye contact, smiled and said, “Good Morning.” First, some context: 1 June marked the first time I’ve been off military active duty status in over 30 years. It also happened to be week three of my new civilian career (yes, I know I broke some cardinal transition rule about taking time [...]


Multiple Jobs?

Is Applying for Multiple Positions at the Same Company a Good Idea or a Bad One? As a career coach, I always cringe when I hear a client is applying for multiple jobs within the same company. Apparently, I am not alone. In a recent article by Lindsay Tigar, Recruiters reveal the qualities that are an instant ‘no’, this very topic was discussed.  According to Lindsay, job seekers applying for several open positions in hopes of increasing their odds of [...]


Stand Out

Whether you realize it or not you are constantly in competition with others. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples of what I mean: Job Search: If you are searching for a job, you are competing with others for the same potential job openings. According to, 29 resumes are uploaded to their site every minute. If I did the math correctly, that is more than 15 million people a year who are posting resumes to the site. What is [...]


LinkedIn Profile

Do you ever feel like your LinkedIn profile is an undiscovered island just waiting for visitors to arrive, but they never do? Well, I have good news for you my friend, below are four tips to help you change that scenario today! Are you ready? Let’s do this! Keyword Optimization: As you know, LinkedIn is a professional site where people are looking for people just like YOU; however, they don’t know you or your name so how will they find [...]


LinkedIn URL Update

Did you know that YOUR LinkedIn profile has a web address that you can share with others? The web address also referred to as your URL is typically displayed as follows: *Numbers are unique to you and can be changed as well. To find your profile’s web address follow the guidance below.  Here is my profile as an example. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and then click View profile.   On your profile page, click Edit [...]


What’s YOUR Word?

With the New Year right around the corner I, like you, start planning out what I want to accomplish in 2018.  However, I do not start with a laundry list of resolutions. No, instead, I start with a word.  Yes, just one word to get me through the entire year.  Some of you may recall the blog article I wrote last year called, “New Year’s Resolutions: One Word NOT a List.”  Last year, I chose the word PURPOSE.  I [...]


Holiday Job Search

Don’t Put YOUR Job Search on Hold During the Holidays! Top 5 Reasons Why Doing So is a BAD Idea! The thought of taking a break from your job search sounds appealing especially since it is becoming more difficult to set aside dedicated time for the task.  The holiday season is in full swing and I know, it is becoming more challenging for you to juggle tasks both at home and at work. At this point, all you can think [...]


STUCK in a Job?

Life is Too Short to Feel STUCK in a Job! Four (4) Tips to Help YOU Get UNSTUCK Today! Life is too short to feel trapped or, STUCK, as I like to say.  No one is immune to such a feeling. In fact, it is normal to go through a season in life when things just do not feel quite right.  Take a moment to think about it. Have you ever felt like you just can’t move forward no matter how [...]