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In this episode, the focus is on helping Job Seekers find jobs after a long hiatus. The series is called “Ask An Expert.”

Ask an Expert Interview with Anne Barnwell from The Write Resumes shares how to re-enter the workforce after you have taken a long break.

A long hiatus from work refers to a significant period during which an individual voluntarily or involuntarily takes a break from their professional career. This break can span several months or even years. Reasons for a hiatus can vary and may include personal reasons such as health issues, caregiving responsibilities, pursuing further education, or taking sabbaticals to explore personal interests or travel. During this period, individuals may be disconnected from the workforce, not actively pursuing job opportunities, and may not have recent work experience to showcase on their resume. Returning to work after a long hiatus often involves reevaluating career goals, updating skills, addressing any gaps in employment history, and demonstrating the transferability of skills acquired during the break.

Expert Ann Barnwell provides valuable guidance and support to individuals who have taken a long hiatus from work. Her advice includes valuable expertise, resources, and personalized advice to help individuals navigate the challenges of returning to work after a long hiatus and increase their chances of success in re-establishing their professional careers.

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