Payment and Privacy Information

Customer service contact info

Jeannine Bennett
757-513-3905 (Customer Service)
757-716-5220 (Business Line – Mobile)
[email protected]

Return policy

Customers may ask for a full refund if service is canceled within 5 days of the order being placed AND prior to downloading the questionnaire.  A partial refund will be given if the request is made prior to the final delivery of the service. Partial refunds are prorated based on the amount of work completed prior to the request was made. See our Cancellation, Refund & Other Policies for details.

Pricing details

Vision to Purpose offers a wide variety of services. Prices are agreed upon by Vision to Purpose and the Consumer prior to the start of any work. Sample resume pricing can be found here.

Payment Privacy Policy Statement

Vision to Purpose collects customer information for the sole purpose of completing transactions for agreed-upon services. We use PayPal as a tool for collecting payment for services. We do not share or use consumer transaction data for any other purpose than to complete transactions for agreed-upon services. Vision to Purpose follows PayPal’s privacy policy for those that use their site. PayPal’s privacy policy can be found here:

Full Privacy Policy for how Vision to Purpose uses/collects customer information to provide services is found here.