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Job Talk with Jeannine

If you want to get selected over your competition, get hired by the right company, and get paid what you are worth, then tune into Job Talk with Jeannine, where she arms you with the knowledge, strategies, and tactics you need to reach your professional goals. Ready to increase your potential for landing the perfect job? Listen now!

Jeannine Bennett, Ph.D., is a seasoned career coach, professional resume writer, military transition expert, LinkedIn strategist, and author of five self-help career and Christian books.

Episode 2 Military Transition for the Non-Retiring Service Member

Military Transition for the Non-Retiring Service Member Transitioning from the military? There are 3 things you must do well to succeed in securing your next job opportunity. Tune in for my conversation with Austin Storck, a service member who shares his advice for transitioning well.

Episode 4 Cultivating Professional Relationships at Work

Professional Relationships Navigating professional relationships is an inherent quality that can be learned. Developing your interpersonal skills increases self-awareness and strengthens your ability to understand others better. When you better understand your communication style and how it differs from others, you learn to use that understanding [...]

Podcast Episodes

  • Episode #1: Reinventing Yourself

  • Episode #2: Military Focused: Transitioning when You are Not Retiring

  • Episode #3: Military Focused: Transitioning when You are Retiring

  • Episode #4: Cultivating Working Relationships

  • Episode #5: Networking Using LinkedIn Effectively

  • Episode #6: Interviewing – Be Seen as a High Potential Candidate

  • Episode #7: Maintaining a Positive Mindset

  • Episode #8: Putting in the Work

  • Episode #9: Career Confusion? Consult Others! – Coming Soon

  • Episode #10: So, You Want to Be on a Board? – Coming Soon

  • Episode #11: Are You Cut Out to Work for Yourself? – Coming Soon

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