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Job Talk with Jeannine

If you want to get selected over your competition, get hired by the right company, and get paid what you are worth, then tune into Job Talk with Jeannine, where she arms you with the knowledge, strategies, and tactics you need to reach your professional goals. Ready to increase your potential for landing the perfect job? Listen now!

Jeannine Bennett, Ph.D., is a seasoned career coach, professional resume writer, military transition expert, LinkedIn strategist, and author of five self-help career and Christian books.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 4 Cultivating Professional Relationships at Work

Professional Relationships In today's competitive professional landscape, navigating relationships is a crucial skill that can propel your career to new heights. At Job Talk with Jeannine, we understand the significance of strong interpersonal skills in establishing successful connections and fostering productive collaborations. Join us in this [...]

Episode 2 Military Transition for the Non-Retiring Service Member

Military Transition for the Non-Retiring Service Member If you're a non-retiring service member embarking on the journey of transitioning from the military to civilian life, then this episode of Job Talk with Jeannine is a must-listen. Join us as we engage in a compelling conversation with [...]

Job Talk with Jeannine

Podcast Episodes

  • Episode #1: Reinventing Yourself

  • Episode #2: Military Focused: Transitioning when You are Not Retiring

  • Episode #3: Military Focused: Transitioning when You are Retiring

  • Episode #4: Cultivating Working Relationships

  • Episode #5: Networking Using LinkedIn Effectively

  • Episode #6: Interviewing – Be Seen as a High Potential Candidate

  • Episode #7: Maintaining a Positive Mindset

  • Episode #8: Putting in the Work

  • Episode #9: Career Confusion? Consult Others!

  • Episode #10: Crafting Your Personal Brand for Success with Jessica Visek

  • Episode #11: Navigating a Career Pivot with Jessica Visek

  • Episode #12: Are You Cut Out to Work for Yourself? – Coming Soon

Ready to take action and land your next job or get that promotion you’ve been eyeing? Let’s make it happen together!

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