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Military Transition for the Non-Retiring Service Member

If you’re a non-retiring service member embarking on the journey of transitioning from the military to civilian life, then this episode of Job Talk with Jeannine is a must-listen. Join us as we engage in a compelling conversation with Austin Storck, a service member with invaluable experience and insights, as he shares essential advice for successfully navigating this critical career transition.

Hosted by Jeannine, a dedicated career expert passionate about supporting individuals in their professional journeys, this episode provides practical guidance specifically tailored to non-retiring service members seeking their next job opportunity. Austin’s firsthand experience and expertise offer invaluable insights into the three crucial steps that can set you up for success in securing your next civilian job.

Translating Military Skills

Throughout this insightful conversation, Austin discusses the importance of translating military skills into language that resonates with civilian employers. Learn effective strategies for crafting a compelling resume that highlights your unique qualifications and demonstrates the value you bring to the table. Discover how to leverage your military network and build connections within the civilian workforce to expand your job opportunities and increase your chances of success.

In addition, Austin shares invaluable advice on preparing for interviews, showcasing your transferable skills, and adapting to the civilian work environment. Gain insights into the resources available to non-retiring service members during the transition process and learn how to effectively navigate the challenges and uncertainties that may arise.

Whether you’re an officer or enlisted personnel, this episode offers practical advice and actionable steps to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Tune in to Job Talk with Jeannine and listen to Austin Storck’s valuable expertise as you embark on this transformative journey from military service to a fulfilling civilian career.

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