Stop Procrastinating

5 Easy Tips for Curbing Procrastination Are you dreaming about owning your own business? Maybe you want to find a more rewarding job for the New Year? Or are you thinking 2019 will be the year you finally write that novel you’ve been plotting in your mind? Procrastination is an insidious energy drain that will keep you from completing the goals you set for yourself. Thinking “I have plenty of time. No need to start now” or “I don’t know [...]

Time Management

5 Simple Steps to Better Time Management Skills Time, as the cliché goes, is money. Whether you are working for an established company, are an entrepreneur, or are a job seeker, learning to manage your time and limit distractions is key to achieving your goals and attaining success. Getting bogged down by unimportant emails or turning your attention to a Smartphone screen will eat up your time and hinder your productivity. Here are five steps to recognizing problem areas and [...]

What’s YOUR Word?

New Year's Resolution: What's YOUR Word? With the New Year right around the corner I, like you, start planning out what I want to accomplish in 2018.  However, I do not start with a laundry list of resolutions. No, instead, I start with a word.  Yes, just one word to get me through the entire year.  Some of you may recall the blog article I wrote last year called, “New Year's Resolutions: One Word NOT a List.”  Last year, I [...]