Decisions equal Direction

How Your Decisions Indicate Your Direction
While we can’t control what life throws at us, we are in full control of our choices, actions, and responses. We can let “destiny” happen to us as inaction carries us along, or we can make deliberate decisions that will steer our destiny in the direction of our dreams.

Below, I will show you how our decisions indicate our direction and how we can be more deliberate in what direction our lives are heading.


Phone notifications are distracting. decisions indicate your direction

If your mouth says, “I want to drink less alcohol,” but you go stock up when wine is on sale, your decision to buy more booze is pointing you in the opposite direction of drinking less. If your mouth says, “I will concentrate for one solid hour with no distractions to finish this important work project.” Still, you decide to leave your phone’s social media notifications turned on. Your decision is betraying your goal. Our decision to take action (or inaction due to not making a decision) will ultimately determine what direction our day (or week, or career, or relationship, or life) will take. When we make goals, we must follow up those goals with actions that align with getting us there, and not just empty words.


Opportunity knocks. decisions indicate your direction

Doors of opportunity open to us all the time. That is one of the incredible things about life. Sometimes we seek these opportunities, but sometimes they are entirely unsolicited. When opportunity knocks, we have the choice to answer the door and walk through it or ignore it. Indecision on the matter is merely deciding not to do it by way of inaction. We must decide to walk through these doors or not.

For example, let’s say you want to take a class to increase your promotability at work. You have two equally exciting courses to choose from, yet you can’t decide which to take, so you decide not to decide and end up not taking either class. By not deciding between the two courses, you are making the decision not to further your career through education. Tony Robbins said it beautifully: “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”  Inaction is an action.


Staying stuck is a choice. decisions indicate your direction

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you a passive bystander in your life, or are you an active participant?  Letting life happen to you is a complete cop-out and a way to avoid taking any responsibility for your happiness and success.

If you have things in your life that you are unhappy with, decide to make some changes. These can be massive shifts in your way of life, or they can be a series of small changes that add up over time. My point is, if you are stuck, then do something about it! Staying stuck is a choice!  I want to shout that louder for the people in the back! STAYING STUCK IS A CHOICE!

Are you stuck in a job that you hate but aren’t doing anything to better your situation?  You only have yourself to blame. There is always a way out, even if you can’t see it at the moment. Don’t ever count yourself out. You could make a tiny decision to do something different each day to change your work atmosphere, like bringing baked goods every Friday to improve morale. Or you could make the hugely life-altering decision to uproot and overhaul your entire life by selling all your possessions and moving to Bali. You can change the direction of your life if you decide to.


Be in the driver's seat of your life. decisions indicate your direction

When you’re on a long road trip with a specific destination in mind, it is smart to take calculated turns that help you reach your desired goal.  You should check the map often and readjust your course if you miss a turn. Your trip might not be perfect, but if you make a series of decisions to navigate your vehicle in the right direction, you will ultimately arrive at your destination.

The same goes for your life. Your daily decisions should add up to a course that directs you to your desired destination. If you aren’t heading in the direction you want for your life, then make different and better decisions.


Melanie Lemus is the Communications Specialist for Vision to Purpose providing self-help, business, and career-focused topics. She lives in Virginia with her wonderful husband and witty daughter. Melanie loves her freedom – in Christ and America. She’s passionate about natural health and homeopathy, and she’s always down to take a hike through the mountains.


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