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Updating Your Resume

Whether or not you’re in an active job search, regularly updating your resume is smart. Your resume must reflect your up-to-date skills and experiences.

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Why Keep Your Resume Updated?

It is much easier to maintain your resume than start from scratch once each decade. If you wait that long, you may forget some of the details and valuable experiences you’ve gained. I recommend keeping a running note on your phone or in a file and adding skills, experiences, and qualities as you acquire them.

How Often Should You Update Your Resume?

The standard recommendation for updating your resume if you’re currently employed is at least once per year – twice if you’re in a fast-paced career. If you have been keeping a file or list of your accolades and accomplishments, it will be easy for you to update your resume to reflect what an outstanding job candidate you are.

If you’re unemployed, update your resume as often as you learn a new skill or obtain training that will make you a more competitive candidate. Additionally, update your volunteer experience, clubs and organizations, awards and achievements, and internships to reflect only the last five years. Old jobs can drop off your resume after about 10-15 years.

What Should Your Resume Include?

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