Referral, job referral

Referral, Job Referral

The other day a person asked why I always say referrals are better than submitting online applications. Referrals are your ticket to a new job! The biggest reason – Employers love them! Why do employers love job referrals? How about I give you eight reasons!

Eight Reasons Referrals Rock

According to Kristina Martic, there are eight really big reasons why you should get a referral when applying to a company of interest. Employee referrals:

  1. have the highest ROI
  2. reduce time to hire
  3. reduce cost per hire
  4. improve the quality of hire
  5. reduce the turnover rate
  6. generate more profit
  7. improve offer acceptance rate
  8. bonus costs

Rather than reinventing the wheel, check out Kristina’s article on TalentLytf where she shares some pretty cool graphics and presents some valid statics you’ll want to see.

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