easier is not better for the job search

Easier is Not Always Better When It Comes to Finding a Job!

Online Job Search:

How many of you have applied for a job online? There is no doubt that the Internet has made it easy and convenient to apply to several jobs at one time. However, easy is not always better.

Did you know that Monster.com proudly promotes that they receive 29 resumes a minute? You can see their stat here: https://www.monster.com/about/. I am not a mathematician, but I do know there are 525,600 minutes in a year. I have no idea why I remember that fact, especially when I can’t remember where I put my keys half the time, but I digress.

This means that roughly 15 million resumes are being submitted every single year! Whoa! That’s a lot of competition. It’s no wonder people get frustrated when they get no response from prospective employers.

I realize not everyone is applying for the same job, therefore not competing with all 15 million individuals at once, but you’re still competing with a lot of people. Let’s face it – if it was easy and convenient for you to apply online, it was just as easy for your competition to do it too.

Spraying and Praying Tactic:

Truth be told, the “spraying and praying” tactic with online job applications doesn’t really work. Spraying and praying means you are applying for every job you can find online and then hoping someone responds to you.

Job Potential: Networking

In reality, did you know only 5-7% of people ever get called in for an interview when using this approach? If you think that’s a startling statistic, then hold onto your hat. Did you know that more than 90% of people get jobs via networking?

So, why is it that people prefer ease over effort when networking clearly produces real job potential?

I’m not saying that no one ever gets a job online, and not all online applications indeed end in defeat. There have been plenty of people who have gotten called in for interviews and have gotten hired after applying online, and boy, it sure builds up confidence when that happens.

However, this is clearly the exception to the rule. We expect a bit too much from the online job process, and the truth is we get let down more than we don’t.


The other day, I was reminded through a Bible study that perseverance is the key when going through any times of trial. The job search can certainly feel like a trial, am I right? However, I was also reminded that God knows the beginning from the end.

As we experience disappointment, we often miss out on the grace of God at work, positioning us for blessings and fulfillment, even in the job search. Perhaps, that job we thought was so perfect when we saw the listing posted online wasn’t really meant for us. Maybe, there is a better position for us on the horizon that has not even been posted yet. Hmm, now that’s something to ponder for a moment.

Friends, it takes great strength, perseverance, and endurance to get through the trials of life, and that includes the challenge of a job search. Don’t let disappointment make you feel defeated. You are more than a conqueror.

Instead, hold fast to the promise that there is a job out there for you, and the challenges you are experiencing in the process are merely preparing you for the position that is perfect for you.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing through a series of blog articles a better way to find jobs. We will talk about both traditional and non-traditional strategies to help you succeed, so please stay tuned.

As always, I’m cheering for you, friends!



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