Don't Fudge Job Titles

Don’t Fudge Job Titles
Do you ever feel like you do more than your job title implies?  It is tempting to want to put an unofficial job title on your resume to align better to what you actually do at work, especially if it makes you the perfect fit for a job you are interested in; however, I caution you against the urge. Your resume is the first thing a prospective employer is going to receive from you. It serves as a first impression. It is much better to be honest and stay official then to embellish and potentially get caught in a lie.

Employers Investigate:

Reputable, prospective employers do their homework too.  They may call your references, reach out to your current employer, search social media as well as use other investigative tactics before hiring a candidate they are interested in. You do not want them to find a discrepancy that will put doubt in their mind about your trustworthiness.  Remember, you are not the only candidate applying so don’t risk getting passed over for the next person because of a little embellishment.

Better Option: 

Even if you can’t control your past job titles or a current one that does not accurately fit hope is not lost.  You can still control how you describe what you accomplish in those positions which is even better because you have a bit more room to elaborate. You also get to highlight challenges and key accomplishments that will illustrate your true talent to the prospective employer and even open the door to a more robust conversation in the interview!

Another Thing You CAN Do:

You can add additional information, kind of like a tagline to your current job title.  For instance, if you are a Director of Operations add what you specialized in. Here is an example:  Director of Operations—Information Technology Management. This tells the hiring manager in the IT field, that your operations role had to do with managing IT. 


Always be honest and clear with the information you provide on your resume.

As always, cheering for you friends!
~ Jeannine

Dr. Jeannine Bennett is the founder and CEO for Vision to Purpose, an organization dedicated to helping individuals and businesses succeed through the offering of tailored career, life and business solutions.

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