I was in need of assistance in revamping my resume. I searched for some time for the right person and I came across Jeannine through LinkedIn. After talking with her, I knew she was the right fit for me. Jeannine took the time to learn about me and what I was looking for in my next role. She asked probing questions that dug into not only my previous experience but also into what a dream job meant to me. I felt like she took the time to get to know me, and the results showed that. She created a resume for me that I believed would make me a standout amongst other candidates. And I was right – I began receiving more responses from jobs that I applied to than I had before.

I have since landed a job at a really awesome company and I couldn’t be happier! I truly believe that my revamped resume that Jeannine created for me played a huge part in my getting noticed. Thank you, Jeannine!!

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