I just wanted to say the resume not only looks great, it was very effective. I should have written this months ago, because I got a great job back in February, and your resume was a big help. You had done a regular resume, but when you found out I was a veteran, you agreed to do a federal resume as well. You even researched the Government defined specifics of the jobs I would be applying to so you could create a more accurate resume that would make it through the Government’s computerized resume screen.

I used the federal resume you provided when I created my profile on USAJOBS.gov, and with a combination of my degree, my military service, and your resume, I had an assessment score of 90 out of 100 for a job that I applied to. I got a tentative offer in November, the official offer on February 3rd., and started work on Feb. 22nd. During the few months between November and February, I had to turn down an interview offer with a large IT company because I wanted the federal job, and was in the process of finalizing the necessary paperwork.

I never would have gotten that interview without your resume. Also, for the past few months, I have had numerous emails from companies and recruiters who saw the resume and wanted to talk with me. Sometimes I see the emails and think, where was this attention when I was unemployed, then I remember I never would have gotten this kind of attention because I wasn’t using your resume at that time.

Thanks again, what a great job you are doing, may God bless you, you are improving lives, you’ve certainly improved mine.

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