Dr. Jeannine Bennett

CEO & Founder​

In 1998, Jeannine transferred to a position within the School of Law at Regent University, an affiliate of the ACLJ. After serving a year, Jeannine was promoted and moved to the Career and Alumni Service Department where she was responsible for building strategic relationships with judges, attorneys and corporations around the country. This is where Jeannine began writing resumes professionally and where she found her true passion for helping students and alumni realize their employment dreams. Jeannine spent 12 years helping individuals find coveted positions in elite law firms, well-known corporations, prominent government organizations, and major consulting firms. After assisting more than 2,000 students and alumni as well as maintaining an average 92% placement rate for the school Jeannine departed the University to practice what she preached.

In 2005, Jeannine began working as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton, a large consultancy catering to clients such as NASA and the United States Navy. She specialized in strategic planning, strategic communication, change management, social media, instructional design and many other areas. Bottom line, she provided solutions for her clients’ toughest problems.

In 2010, Jeannine entered government service as a strategic communication specialist for the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) where she led the development and implementation of the Forces Strategic Communication Program for approximately 40,000 personnel assigned to commands aligned under the administrative command of NECC. She also served as the Commander’s Action Group Director working closely with executive leadership as an advisor dedicated to tackling the challenges facing our Navy and our Nation.

In 2014, due to the current state of the economy, the job market and the need for organizations to deal with massive change, Jeannine decided to return to her passion with the launch of Vision to Purpose with the resolve of helping individuals and businesses succeed.

In addition to working for several organizations over the years, Jeannine dedicated much of her time on tackling her academic goals and teaching business related courses for several universities to stay up-to-date on the most current trends and remain connected in various industries. Jeannine holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Management with an IT Management Specialization as well as a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in E-Commerce. She also holds industry certifications and is a member of several associations.